Maintenance in Broken Arrow, OK

Maintaining your unit is vital to extending its lifespan and efficiency. So, what can you do to maintain a unit?

  • Change filters regularly- Helping your unit to maintain good airflow is key. Lack of airflow can lead to a host of issues (freezing up, overheating, motor seizure, etc.). So, to help avoid those issues we recommend changing the filters once a month, or as needed depending on the house.
  • Trim bushes, trees and grass from around your unit- Plants can grow into the unit and fins. This can cause damage the fragile aluminum fins and restrict airflow.
  • Avoid hitting your unit while mowing or trimming grass- Repeated hits to your outdoor unit can damage the fins and reduce efficiency and effectiveness. Also, while trimming around unit avoid hitting the thermostat wires and fin, this very quickly can cause damage and even cut through the wires.
  • Keep pets away from the unit- Even though our pets hold a special place in our hearts, many pets can be harmful to our outside unit and our comfort. Dogs (or even a peacock once) can chew though the thermostat wires disabling the unit until a service Technician can come out to repair it. Dogs also can develop a habit of urinating on the outdoor coil, over time this can cause permanent and irreparable damage.
  • Rodent prevention- Mice, rats and squirrels can get into your units and chew though wires and build nest, shorting out important electrical components.
  • Insect prevention- Ants, wasps and spiders all build nest in units. This can cause harm to the technician and damage electrical components.
  • Keep objects away from fins- Trash cans, riding lawnmowers, barrels and grills when placed up against a unit can restrict the airflow it needs.
  • Check for things that could fall into unit- Tree branches breaking is a common occurrence, they can fall into the unit and impede the condenser fan motor from turning or even breaking the blade. So trimming up any branches above and not placing anything on top of the unit will help you avoid that.
  • After a storm or heavy wind check on units- Storms can knock things on top of your unit, so after one check out side to see if anything was knocked onto it. Also heavy winds can cause flue pipes to be knocked off or damaged, so looking on the roof to make sure its still attached is important.

What can happen: Notice the build up of dirt on the coil:

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